American Sliquid classic natural plant extract pure water-soluble lubricant|®

Green plants extract European and American organic edible raw materials, various flavors

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Color Classification
basic lubrication
Silk smooth
Seaweed Extract
Aloe Moisturizer
Silicone Concentrate
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Sliquid is derived from the American lubricant brand. It is a pure botanical extract, does not contain any chemical ingredients, and has a variety of edible fruit flavors. It is water soluble for couples, and it is easy to clean. Nourish and moisturize, accord with the PH value of women's private parts, 100% imitate human love fluid, protect the weak acid environment of private parts. Refreshing and non-sticky, hypoallergenic and non-irritating, delicate and soft. Keep your private parts hydrated while protecting and improving high-quality sex. A great choice for your daily moisturizer or sex lubricant!|® 

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