Sweden LELO HEX Classic Love Type Translucent and Lubricating Condom|xxvv.com®

12 sticks

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LELO HEX original, luxurious condom with unique hexagonal structure, thin and strong latex condom, lubricated (12-piece pack) to achieve pleasure and safety through innovation – the redesigned new HEX can improve grip and reduce slip strength and The combination of thinness-the hexagonal net provides the strength of a condom that prevents the rupture of a single hexagonal cell to enhance safety-the hexadecimal net reduces the possibility of tears, and in the case where the possibility of tears is small Keep it under control and guarantee happiness-Hexadecimal combines the strength of a thick condom and the fun of a thin condom. Revolutionary hexagonal structure-The shaft of the hexagonal condom consists of 350 small hexagons. , These hexagons have thick walls and ultra-thin panels | Fun Vancouver™ xxvv.com®

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