Japanese Tenga different dimension FlipHole airplane cup masturbation cup|xxvv.com®

Open-type masturbator achieves open-type pleasure by manually controlling different sensitive parts

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 Flip Hole Aircraft Cup Men ’s Masturbation Cup is from Tenga, Japan. The high-quality open-type masturbator—FLIP HOLE, stimulates different sensitive parts by hand to achieve apocalyptic pleasure. It is easy to open, clean, and dry. It is compatible with water-soluble special lubricating fluid to make Lexiang and Convenient (provide 3 kinds of feeling lubricating fluid trial package). 4 kinds of internal structure, staggered three-dimensional details, continuous stimulation with a strong sense of rhythm, and double detail pleasure brought by 2 layers of colloid. Choose the beauty that suits you. Imported from Japan. Fresh, tasteless, safe, non-toxic, soft and fleshy. The Japanese invented the Aircraft Cup, carried forward the Aircraft Cup, and solved the physiological needs of countless otakus, regardless of the details of the workmanship, it is well deserved to be the world's first brand of Aircraft Cup |xxvv.com®

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