Walk into the daily life of urban men and women. With the progress and development of society, the quality of sexual life that people pursue is also improving. Some urban white-collar workers who face work pressure all day long return home to face the TV after get off work, and there is no place to relieve the hard work and mental stress all day long. Therefore, some men and women seek pleasure in their sex life, and sex toys make their lives less monotonous for a long time. Many women feel embarrassed not to try to use sex toys, and do not know how to use them. Foreign survey data show that most women use sex toys, especially vibrators, and a small number of couples use them during sexual intercourse, and many women say that they can achieve orgasms that are not normally obtained by using sex toys. In the survey of men, most people said they can increase sexual desire. Appropriate use of sex toys can enhance the relationship between men and women, and couples can interact together, which will be more interesting.