Japanese Tenga different dimension FlipZero male masturbation vacuum jet cup|xxvv.com®

Flip 0 strong suction, soft silicone, flagship model, full body waterproof

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Tenga is a Japanese product and the number one brand in the world's aircraft cups. Flipzero's high elasticity and hard excitement tenga has always pursued cutting-edge technology and set off a technological revolution in adult products. It has undergone 10 years of technological evolution since the first product came out. Now the different dimension series has excellent craftsmanship. A new version of the different dimension flipzero has been designed from scratch using evolutionary craftsmanship. The internal unevenness is more dense than all previous tenga products, and the same high-quality colloid as the luxury commemorative version is used, bringing extraordinary The meticulous pleasure provides a scientific and healthy guarantee for the health of male genitalia| xxvv.com®

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