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FLEXI FELIX Backyard Lacquer – Continuous passion FLEXI FELIX is the ideal companion for people who are ready to explore the world of anal sex. Very flexible and exciting ball chain. Very flexible. Backyard Lacquer. 100% medical grade silicone texture is smooth and hypoallergenic, easy to clean Made in Germany size: 12.6 inches, Ø0.9 inches rear court beads. Rows of exciting balls ensure an exciting adventure. Inserting FLEXI FELIX one by one will have a special effect, and removing it will give off a pleasant explosion. FELIX has a friendly beetle face handle that is easy to remove. This toy can be used anal. Awards diving waterproof! All FUN FACTORY toys were invented, developed, designed and produced in Bremen, Germany. Awards FUN FACTORY provides a variety of toys, all of which are made of 100% medical grade silicone! Before the first use and after each use, please clean the toys carefully with warm water and neutral soap. The vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for cleaning erotic toys and for washing the genital area in a moderate and gentle manner. When the award is inserted into the toy, a few drops of lubricant can ensure a pleasant feeling. FUN FACTORY recommends the use of water-based lubricants, such as TOYFLUID. For more information, please download our user manual. Award 12.6" and Ø0.9", 0.2 lb award shipping information Please click here for more information on shipping costs and other details.

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