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Yeti shape is similar to yuki, you can enjoy its vibration, and its half-inserted top

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Iroha's jumping eggs are more women and new. From Japan's tenga, the touch is first-class like skin before going to bed, or hair care during bathing. As one of the ways for women to care for themselves, it helps women to enhance female charm from the inside of the body. The white snowman type can enjoy the vibration while inserting the front part. The feminine skin can make female hormones fully active during the use of iroha. It is also said that women in love will become more beautiful. The female body is quite warm during the use of iroha. Excitement, you can also massage the chest and other places to enjoy the pleasure. Feminine temperament uses iroha on a regular basis to increase the activity of the body's hormones, and naturally emits a feminine charming charm. The iroha body is waterproof and can be used by anyone who has washed it directly. It uses anti-dust coating technology to prevent dust accumulation. The wireless charging is soft and soft and the new touch material is like massage. iroha snowman sex toys female masturbation orgasm vibration waterproof jumping egg, want to learn more about snowman sex toys female masturbation orgasm vibration waterproof jumping egg |xxvv.com®


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