American Sliquid Organics Water-based Fruity Lubricant|®

Water-based lubricating fluid, natural moisture, mixed for men and women

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Originally imported from the United States, Natural-Sliquid Organics is a natural water-based lubricating fluid for men and women who uses natural water-based fruit-flavored lubricating oil for couples to masturbate. Provides a moist and silky effect, so that your sexual couples have a comfortable and enjoyable intercourse life! !! !! The raw materials to the production are all from the United States. It is water-soluble and blends with aloe vera extract. It is colorless and odorless, hydrated and silky, and balances the PH value of women's private parts. It is also a lubricating fluid specially prepared for pregnant and sensitive people. For more fun taste, please visit our official website|®

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