American SystemJO® Thermal Warming Lubricant|®

This best-selling lubricant is formulated with pure vegetable glycerin in a thermal lubricant

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JO®H2O Warming Thermal Lubricant is an aqueous personal lubricant designed to complement the natural lubrication of the human body. This best-selling lubricant is formulated with pure plant-based glycerin and is designed to provide silky smoothness and comfortable slip without leaving any stickiness or stickiness. In addition, JO®H2O is toy-friendly, compatible with condoms and easy to clean. Just apply and play! Main Features: Easy to carry water-free fragrance Classic formula Great product for beginners Glycerin-based ingredients: Glycerin, water (water), cellulose gum, peppermint (menthol) extract, methyl paraben Formate |® 

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