We-vibe Canada We-vibe Sync Double Jue Intelligent C-type Couple Resonator |Vancouver™ xxvv.com®

Mobile app remote control can be shaped for G-spot and clitoral stimulation to have resonance with girlfriend

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Sync ™ is designed to enjoy couple resonance with your partner during sex. Long-distance love can also be fulfilled. She is strongly stimulated to stimulate her clitoris and G spot, and you and your husband and wife share a common resonance. No one's body is the same. Couple Resonator That's why sync can be adjusted to fit your unique shape. There are two adjustable points to better apply pressure to the G spot and the clitoris more or less. Even if you change your posture during intercourse, synchronization can be comfortably placed in place. Non-stop pleasure. Switching vibration in instant heat, the remote control can change the vibration mode and current intensity. Either party can use the remote control and it can be used from a distance of 3 meters.|www.vanmm.com

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