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Gently and secretly shake according to female body movements to help you move towards a stronger orgasm

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Luna Luminous Ball comes from the famous Swedish brand Lelo, and has won many world awards through Kegel's principle design. Luna Luna Luminous Ball helps the girls to reach an unprecedented orgasm by exacerbating the gentle and private vibration of the vaginal beads according to body movements. Na Luna shrink ball can also be used for foreplay or beads that enhance the strength of orgasm over time. Luna Luna shrink ball has four interchangeable beads in each group, two different weights bring different The feeling is very suitable for sending lovers and female friends. You can complete the training in life without cumbersome methods. After wearing it, you can exercise while standing and squatting up the stairs. Through your private area, you can continue to clamp Luna Luna shrinking ball. Pure Inability to build muscle. Shrinking ball compact dumbbell Kegel pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation device postpartum private part tightening vagina adult fun | |xxvv.com® 

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