Japanese Tenga's Egg Hardcover Gradual Lubricant|xxvv.com®

Water-soluble lubricant 65ml capacity palm size, easy to carry

  • Brand: Tenga
  • Product Code: 2012
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Tenga egg-shaped lubricant ~ a palm-sized universal lubricant made into a fun egg shape! Gives you a lubricating touch that is easy to push away and not sticky. Add moisturizing ingredients to keep smooth. No coloring, no fragrance, all-natural use. Smooth enjoyment, easy to grasp ~ product features water-soluble lubricant, 65ml capacity palm size, easy to carry. Soft touch, with moisturizing ingredients, long-lasting moisture. No coloring, no fragrance, gentle skin. It can be used during sex, or it can be used with the airplane cup. It is non-sticky, smooth and moist, comfortable and refreshing. Note for use 1: Please rinse with warm water or soap after use 2: Do not use when there are wounds, redness, eczema and other abnormalities on the skin 3: Please stop using when the body is abnormal, and consult a doctor in time 4: Accidentally enter When eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately 5: Please avoid direct sunlight, keep in a cool place, use as soon as possible after opening 6: Please keep out of the reach of children|xxvv.com®

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