2022 ranked top 10 in the world's top ten vibrators

15/07/2021 Vanmm

What is a vibrator? What is a vibrator? Is a vibrator a masturbation stick? Will girls hurt their bodies when they use masturbation? What use is the massage stick used by girls? How to choose to buy and use, then I will explain in detail. Explain in detail the vibrator brand and the advantages and functions of the major brands. Want to know the greatest invention in the history of human civilization and wisdom-how did the vibrator come about?

The vibrator, also known as the telescopic multi-function stick, is an adult product. 1. After use, because there are a lot of secretions and lubricating oil residue, if it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, so it needs to be cleaned as soon as possible after use. 2. When cleaning, avoid water on the switch, power supply, etc., rub with your fingers while rinsing, do not clean with brushes or acidic cleaners. Vibrator is a female sex toy that can stimulate girls' G-spots so that they can enjoy the fun of reaching a wonderful orgasm. The vibrating rod imitates the thrusting action, the rod body can be extended and contracted in the range of 1-3cm, and different styles combine various functions such as vulvar stimulation vibrating egg, turning beads, simulation modeling, rod twisting, etc., which can be described as super cost-effective High-tech sex toys, this kind of sex toys can definitely make women extremely high. According to the principle of medical bionics, the shock stick can regulate the endocrine system through optional massage, vibration, swing and other multi-functional stimulating sensitive areas, and it can be moderately organized to achieve sexual indifference to women, lack of orgasm, or hypersexuality. Physiological balance, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving sexual function and absorbing sexual pleasure.


Since each brand of vibrator has various classifications, the editor will only introduce the flagship products of major brands, and hope that all queens will avoid entering the pit.


TOP 1:German FunFactory ghost warrior StronicG point pulse male and female automatic thrusting vibrator


              Pulse pumping before and after medical silica gel Fanqu flagship vibrator feels invincible to use---the king of vibrators

Ghost Warrior Stronic series G-spot pulse vibrator, the birth of pulse technology G-spot climax can also liberate your hands, Fanqu funfactory brand flagship product, called Fanqu machine king, IPX7 waterproof, EU standard certificate, ABS resin material, Germany Medically soft, velvety and delicate touch, irregular tip, easy to find your G-spot, silent design below 50 decibels, CNC magnetic charging technology just suck it, suitable for Asians. G-spot enjoys the joy of fish and water. G-spot is the texture part of the erectile tissue located on the front wall of the vagina, which surrounds the urethra and the base of the bladder. When stimulated, there will be a strong reaction, leading to a deeper and fuller orgasm, but G-spot Orgasm is difficult to obtain, because her response to heavy pressure is better than light pressure and requires accurate and continuous stimulation. Stronic G was born for this, with G-spot orgasm as its mission.


Official website: https://ca.funfactory.com/

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5vcodFueCY 


TOP 2:Japan's global classic MagicWand Hitachi wireless charging enhanced version of the vibrating magic wand

The 30-year classic, the magic wand, the originator of the magic wand, is one of the rare things that overcome difficulties. Its history can be traced back to 30 years ago and people have been full of praise for it and appeared countless times in X movies for decades. Tribute to our teacher Cang!




This is the original magic wand in the legend, it is the beginning of everything. Back when every phone had a cord and "viral transmission" meant a completely different time, women all over the world were discovering the amazing fun of magic wands. "Metropolis" magazine called it the "little black dress" of massagers, and "Time" magazine ranked it among the top ten "most influential gadgets of all time". Even at the age of fifty, the magic wand is still the most popular and best-selling product. American vibrator! But what makes the wand so magical is not a big secret: power. Its six-foot-long cord can be inserted into a wall for continuous use, and has a maximum speed of 6,000 RPM worth OMG. It has a soft vinyl head for external stimulation, and intuitive control function allows you to choose high power or low power




TOP 3: Japan Tenga irohaFIT female masturbator electric vibrator masturbation stick

There are four gears in total. The continuous high, middle and low third gear + shock and shock mode, although in the mood to be enough, but now in fact, there are more than a dozen vibration modes for a vibrator for 200 yuan, and it feels that the playability is a little bit less. Of course, they also have the advantages of others, it is soft! (Of course not the softness of the soft Gigi) It feels that the whole body is thickly wrapped with soft silicone, and the front end is more wrapped. The charging is contact-type, so there is no charging socket that other similar products will have on the body, and the waterproof and dustproof are better than those that can look better. Generally speaking, this iroha fit has two major advantages: moderate size (but it should be small in similar products?), soft texture, and the price of 400 yuan is also an advantage compared with the same type. It is still a TENGA brand. , With big brand style and sense of design, looks a little better than similar products. Of course the disadvantage is that there are fewer vibration modes, but overall it is recommended for new players to start.



TOP 4: British Je joue bullet vibrator female g-spot stimulation vibrator


     The size is like a lipstick, easy to carry, and not easy to be found. The silky classic bullet has a soft silicone nib to stimulate orgasm. Waterproof male and female sex vibrators

British je joue buys hot-selling goods CLASSIC BULLET VIBRATOR bullet vibrator female g-spot stimulation orgasm waterproof male and female sex vibrator sex products, our classic bullet is designed with a low frequency motor, so that our signature Je Joue emits such a low rumble Sound vibration. Classic bullets have 5 speeds and 7 styles, providing a variety of vibrations-from a slight buzzing to a deep rumble. Discrete classic vibrator with rumble 5 speeds and 7 modes to make you excited and quiet, suitable for private play, or very suitable for use with your partner. Free finger cot attachment. Waterproof and fully rechargeable for use in water adventures, no matter where you are USB port can be inserted in any place. 100% vegan vibrator How to measure circumference: 3 inches Insertable length: 1 inch Length: 3.5 inches官方网站:http://www.jejoue.com



TOP 5: German Funfactory Fan Fun Double Tongue Ota Volta Vibrator


Imported from European origin, the number one brand of female appliances in sales

Fun Factory Fun Factory double tongue Otta Volta vibrator imported from Germany for female adult sex masturbation device orgasm tongue licking clitoris stimulation cunnilingus masturbation stick, 4.7cm suitable size two silicone lips like tongue, elastic like velvet The touch, wraps the clitoris, naturally blends into comfort and comfort. The O-shaped grip adopts the patented Elstomed technology, which has a smooth, mirror-like grip, and a full-body shower and washable silicone material, which perfectly releases happiness and beauty. Intimate mute design, seamless mold clamping technology, make your experience more at ease. 6 kinds of hedonic gameplay and 12 different levels of stimulating vibration modes, changing various postures at will, and touching from top to bottom will make you scream uncontrollably. The intimate travel lock into the bag can effectively avoid embarrassing accidental opening. Couples use it as a couple to unlock more postures, enhance the intimacy with their partners, experience the beauty of double tongue kisses, and play clitoral orgasm.官方网站:http://www.funfactory.com



TOP 6: U.S. Evolved butterfly effect RumbleRabbit extreme rabbit powerful massage stick


Super vibrator for women who want more intense vibration

A super vibrator for women who want to vibrate more vigorously! The super shocking vibration brings a strong shock! With two powerful motors and super long length and circumference, this is a double atmosphere that you reach time and time again. The softly curved G-spot stimulation, its luxurious silicone body can be safely immersed in water to realize underwater fantasy, and the easy-to-use control lights can also show you their working strength! Easy to clean with toy cleaner and warm water




TOP 7: Sweden Lelo Oden wireless remote control massage vibrator


Award-winning works Move the remote control to control your feelings The best sex toy for couples to share orgasm

Oden remote control vibrating massage stick Oden is a classic work of Lelo company in Sweden. The feeling of sex is controlled by the movement of the remote control. It is made of soft, soft silicone, and it adds a wonderful choice to adventurous bedroom games-it gives her a more fulfilling feeling and gives him more power, making it a couple to share orgasm together The best sex toy. Oden remote control is easy to operate, 360 reverse, feel the vibration like a roller coaster, IPX-7 waterproof grade, FDA certified material products, charge for 2 hours, enjoy 4 hours of stealing, the maximum noise is less than 50 decibels, just like the whisper of a lover in your ear , Allowing you to be completely immersed in pleasure and orgasm.




TOP 8: Canadian We vibe Touch X super powerful female rechargeable waterproof vibrator


We vibe newest product classic red

We-Vibe is the world's first couples' resonator brand. We-Vibe is committed to providing better products and services for global sex lovers. We-Vibe's first sex product has a global sales volume of over 2,000,000, and there are more than 200 worldwide. Thousands of couples and couples are using We-Vibe's resonator products.


We-Vibe originated from Canada, and its product line has been extended from the initial couples and two-person resonating series to female vulva massage products, etc., with a rich product line. The released sex products not only have innovative and revolutionary designs, but also sell well in more than 40 countries around the world!




TOP 9: Original Posh heated G-spot vibrator from ShotsToys in the Netherlands, a rare heated vibrator


Short-wave infrared vibrator, cool all night, don’t come too late, especially in winter, use 42 degrees constant temperature to rejuvenate girls in private parts.

Posh thermal heating massage stick comes from ShotsToys, Netherlands. It is soft and silent with three primary colors, itching for body and mind and willful play. Simple and fashionable black, red and blue, soft and skin-friendly, EU CE silicone breast augmentation material is the same grade, delicate touch, safe to use, deep sound insulation, privacy and peace of mind Enjoy the unspeakable thrilling pleasure in the dark. It is easy to clean IP67 waterproof bathtub. It releases deep erotic desire. Shortwave infrared IR-BDIN reshapes young private parts. 1.5m microwave infrared deep cleans aging cells through the skin surface. It is proposed that 85% of the decayed cells will regenerate from the private parts, heat up the deep skin of the private parts, promote blood circulation and strengthen cell metabolism, 10S heating 42 degrees constant temperature, intelligent heating chip simulates the real temperature of men, 23.5 degrees tilt angle close to the G point, 7-fold frequency 3 types Vibration mode, there are very few heated vibrators on the market


TOP 10: Spain Bijoux 21 diamond clitoral vibrator


It has the perfect size and shape, specially designed for the queen who admires the appearance, placed on the bedside, no one would have thought that this is a vibrator.

Meet our vibrating diamond 21! Unique, discreet, easy-to-use, quiet and fun clitoral vibrator. Did you know that 8 out of every 10 clitoral rabbits require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. No. 21 is an external vibrator that provides the ultimate female pleasure. It has the perfect size and shape and aims to provide precise stimulation through its 7 patterns and 3 vibration intensities. Surrender 21 Endless Happiness



In short, we can distinguish the quality of the vibrating rod from four places, after all, we can rest assured that the quality is good. Look at the shape, listen to the sound, smell the smell, and feel the touch.


I have to say that we still believe in the power of brands for these kinds of toys. After all, in terms of materials, ordinary people can't distinguish between good and bad with the naked eye. For toys that directly enter the body, I think safety is the first thing, not just cheap.

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